We are wild women and ordinary goddesses—

who climb mountains, cross seas, embrace nature & journey across foreign lands & inner landscapes. Some have faced challenges—from cancer to sexual assault, divorce to self-discovery, losses of loved ones to forced removal from homelands. Others are explorers seeking escape or coming back to their whole selves. We share brave books, favorite quotes, poems, songs and stories of courage, because we never know who we might inspire or where it might lead. We are a sisterhood of strong and emerging voices with unfolding stories—a tribe of transcendence.

Gutsy Goddesses

January 25, 2023 29

Emily Pennington — Letting Go

“As far as I can tell, the liminal void we all feel sometimes, is the rule, not the exception, so [...]


April 25, 2017 8

Why Women Need a Tribe

Here’s a resource we love: Why Women Need a Tribe from UPLIFT. Read about how sisterhood might be [...]


December 28, 2017 4

Breaths of Inspiration

Articles on BEING BOLD & TRANSCENDING FEAR. Founder: Heidi Love   Article on Transcending Fear [...]

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