The Mother Daughter Puzzle, by Rosjke Hasseldine

This is an incredible book by internationally-recognized therapist, coach, researcher, and speaker on mother daughter relationships. I met with Rosjke this spring and was amazed by the insight she brought and grateful for her wisdom. I hope you will check it out.

“Published by Women’s Bookshelf Publishing

The Mother-Daughter Puzzle will change how women see themselves and their mother-daughter relationship. It reveals the power the mother-daughter relationship has to emotionally empower women to speak and be heard, to stop repeatedly giving from a place of empty, to tell the stories of women’s lives, and to challenge and change harmful sexist beliefs and cultural stereotypes.

Rosjke Hasseldine is a powerful ambassador for the mother-daughter relationship! In this book she explains all she has learned through her long career as a mother-daughter relationship therapist/coach, listening to thousands of mothers and daughters from around the world talk about their lives and mother-daughter relationships. With sensitivity and deep respect for the hurt, anger, guilt, and blame that are so often felt by mothers and daughters, Rosjke will teach you how to peel back the layers and examine your mother-daughter history. She will teach you how to connect the dots between what’s happening between you and your mother or daughter, and the stories of how the women in your generational family have been treated, and the beliefs, behavior patterns, and themes you need to change so that you can enjoy a strong, emotionally empowered, emotionally connected, mutually supportive mother-daughter relationship.”

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  1. This book explains what I couldn’t get across. It can even go back as far as are nationalities
    Such as German / Irish in history they were in their own fight wheather it was over land or religion were set up & born in the fight between r own nationality being in are DNA . We’re in a fight with our own selves.

    • Hi Suzie, Thanks for the comment. I loved this book as it helped me to better understand and forgive my mother and myself. I believe what we focus on expands and if we can focus on breaking the chains of family dysfunction, understanding and voicing our own needs then we can improve lives for ourselves, our loved ones, and beyond.

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