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"Be yourself; Everyone else is taken" Oscar Wilde

15 years ago I discovered the name. 35 years before that, I thought I was the only one with my thoughts, feelings and problems. I have gradually learned to talk about social anxiety. It’s not easy—it’s embarrassing to admit to it and there’s a stigma involved—but it’s also rewarding. When I realized others suffer not just from social anxiety but also with the belief of being alone with it, I was determined to help raise awareness of social anxiety. My book, Social Anxiety Revealed, was just released.

I’ve been surprised by the warm, positive, encouraging responses I’ve received. I was expecting some hostility, but haven’t really had any yet. The biggest joy is that I’m finally getting closer to achieving the goal that emerged 15 years ago: to bring social anxiety out into the open.

I wouldn’t advise everyone with social anxiety to do the same as me. People can make up their own minds about what works best for them. I will say that there are many people who are prepared to listen if approached.

I hope to be able to tell a lot more people about social anxiety. This is my passion.

The saying, a problem shared is a problem halved, is very true. Try it, whether it’s your problem or someone else’s.

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  1. Thank you for adding me to the tribe, Heidi! My achievements seem insignificant compared to the others I’ve read here.

  2. admin_laughingatthesky September 16, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Thank YOU for your insight and courage to move forward, in spite of major challenges, and to share your story with others. As a person who has struggled with fear and anxiety I know it is not easy to do the very thing that frightens you over and over again. Yet when you struggle through it the rewards can be great. When we share our stories others may feel less alone. I hope more people will join the conversation and share their stories and//or insight. Thanks Miriam!

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Miriam! I too have suffered with anxiety for many years. Its challenging and I agree it can be difficult/embarrassing to admit. The stigma involved makes it hard for people understand that its not just feeling uncomfortable it is a debilitating disorder that can often keep you from fully enjoying your life. Again thanks for speaking up about this issue, I’m sure many others will find this comforting.

    • Bella, Thanks so much for visiting, joining the conversation, and sharing your own experience. I agree—speaking up can bring comfort to others. We are not alone.

    • Thank you, Bella. I also hope others will find it comforting and helpful. That’s why I wrote the book. Too many people believe they’re alone with these difficulties when really they’re not.

  4. When we share our troubles, we’re reminded that we’re not alone in them. Great job, Miriam! Your outreach will help others so much.

  5. As a longtime sufferer of this, thank you for keeping this in the public eye. I will purchase soon.

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