A Memoir with a Message of Hope

Struggling with Serendipity tells the true story of a mom’s crisis, a daughter’s paralysis, and extraordinary travels that carried them from a small town in Ohio to Seattle, Harvard, Capitol Hill, and around the world.
After an accident, a heartsick mom battles depression and guilt while a shy but determined teenager fights the harsh physical challenges of quadriplegia. Fourteen-year-old Beth believes everything will be okay. Cindy feels sure that nothing will ever be okay again. 
Struggling with Serendipity explores the power of hope while navigating unknown waters of disability. Cindy comes to terms with her altered identity and mental health. Beth sets impossible goals as she tries to swim with legs that don’t work and hands that can’t cup the water.
Together, they find a new normal with serendipity in the most unlikely of moments. Waves of adventure follow, including Beth’s invitation to join the Harvard Women’s Swimming and Diving Team, the first member with a visible disability. 
Struggling with Serendipity takes us on an incredible journey to the end of an era that leaves Cindy and Beth transformed. Everything really is okay. And if you never give up? Hope wins. 

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  1. Thanks so much, Heidi! I’m honored that you included my new memoir, Struggling with Serendipity, as a Brave Book! I appreciate the link to my website, also. If you never give up? Hope wins. ❤

  2. As parents, we’d gladly take on any heartache or physical challenge so our children don’t have to. This sounds like a wonderful book!

    • Lynda, I totally agree. I also believe we feel much of their emotional pain and their heartache. I do hope your able to check out Cindy’s book and also her video is amazing.

      • Lynda, I totally agree, too! After my daughter’s spinal cord injury, I would have given anything to take away her challenges. Now, 19 years after her injury, I’m happy to say that we are grateful for where we are today. If you get a chance to read my book, Struggling with Serendipity, I would love to hear your thoughts about it. And if you never give up? Hope wins. ❤

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