Gutsy Goddess: Katie

“El Camino no te hace mas fuerte, te hace darte cuenta de lo fuerte que eres”- Camino pilgrim  Translation: The Camino doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you realize how strong you are.

In the summer of 2014 a friend and I traveled on the Camino de Santiago. The Camino de Santiago is a 500-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. People trek the Camino for religious and spiritual reasons, or for a reflective month on the road. My own journey came to light as I trekked through Spain. When my blisters were multiplying by the day (I ended up walking in Tevas!) and my back was aching from a 20-pound bag I started to question why I was there. I learned a lot about myself in the month. My friend and I came back excited about our journey but more excited about our self-discovery. We had always been strong and independent but had lost our sense of self. The Camino brought that knowledge back.

I learned that our limits are ones that we set for ourselves. I carried my backpack on the Camino but I also carried ideas that were holding me down. Whether it was my lack of confidence or my worries about my future I was able to shed that weight and finish the Camino prouder and stronger than I could have ever imagined. Shed the worries, the fears, the questions, and let the freedom of your weightlessness carry you to do something amazing.


Do you have a favorite quote or book about strong women or shedding worry or fear? If so please share your comments below. You never know who it might inspire or where it might lead. It takes a tribe to hold up the sky.

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  1. Lucinda Schriefer April 29, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    Amazing! I’ve always wanted to do the El Camino! Thank you for your Inspiration!

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