UNBROKEN By Madeleine Black

Madeleine Blacks’ Unbroken is a profound story of courage, truth, and healing. While her story and my own are different, many of the emotions and phases she went through were so identical that I felt she was telling my story—right down to the tattoo I wear on my left arm as a reminder of my own transcendence. Her words, “We are not defined by what knocks us down, we are defined by how we get back up,” ring true. If you or a loved one has experienced assault please consider the wisdom of the book. You can skip the more difficult sections on your first read if you are afraid, but please consider it. Madeleine said, “as my understanding grew, my compassion expanded.” This was true for me too: compassion for others and myself. Madeleine thank you for your amazing courage to share this story and for the important work that you do. I stand with you.

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