Gutsy Goddess Questionnaire

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We are wild women and ordinary goddesses climbing mountains, crossing seas, fording rivers, embracing nature & journeying across foreign lands & inner landscapes. Some have faced challenges—from cancer to sexual assault, divorce to self-discovery. Others are explorers seeking escape or coming home to their whole selves. One has climbed to 24,000’ on Mt. Everest, another has escaped a warring homeland, a third has sailed around the word twice with all-female crews, others have created & led non- and for- profit successes, many have battled life-threatening diseases or abusive relationships. We are a sisterhood of strong & emerging voices with unfolding stories of courage— a tribe of transcendence. It takes a Tribe to hold up the Sky.

CONGRATS!!—You’ve been nominated as ONE GUTSY GODDESS. We would like to feature you on our website, Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram so that YOU can help inspire others. If you would like to participate please choose any or all of the questions below that are most appealing.

  • Please describe one of your life’s challenge or adventures (please keep under 2 paragraphs):
  • If you chose the challenge why did you do it? (If it was thrust upon you, please skip)
  • What was/were the end result(s)/biggest joy/ greatest learning?
  • What insight or words of wisdom can you offer others?
  • What dreams/adventure/visions/ might you see for your future?
  • What is your favorite motivational song, book and/or quote?
  • What else would you like to share that might inspire others?
  • Would you like to nominate a Gutsy Goddess? If so, what is their name and email address?
  • What name would you like to use (I recommend just a first name or a pseudonym.)
  • Do you have a photo you can attach, and/or a link you want to share, that illustrates your challenge or success?


A Thousand Thanks from our Tribe

By completing this questionnaire you agree to allow our Tribe to use your photo & wisdom to inspire others. Please send response to

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